IVFtech Letter-tables

The IVFtech Letter tables are designed for use in the operating theater when doing oocyte retrieval. It has a clean smooth heated surface ideal for any warming blocks and media flasks.  The draw can be used for storage or the draw can also be heated for heating the tools.

The IVFtech uniformed heated Z tables comes in a wide range of variations.

Battery can be added to all letter tables.


Sizes are available in:

600x700mm and 400x600mm

Options for the draws:

  • With or without heated draw in the 600x700mm

Options table top:

  • Stainless steel or Himacs®table top

Product Data

Hi-Macs® or Stainless steel

The Hi-Macs® table tops provides an excellent alternative to Stainless Steel. The Hi-Macs® surface is stain resistant and easy clean. Hi-Macs® is scratch resistant and doesn’t scratch as easy as stainless steel, furthermore the Hi-Macs® surface can be refurbished and repolished. Easy to see the writing on the dish when working on the Hi-Macs® surface.

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