Warming blocks for tubes and syringes

Warming blocks for tubes are for small and large test tubes: 6 cc and 14/17 cc. Warming blocks for syringes are for syringes: 10 cc and 20 cc.

Warming block for dishes

We have a variety of warming blocks for dishes, suitable for most popular brands again ensuring the correct temperature of your dishware.

Warming block for media flask

We have a warming block to help secure the temperature of the media while used on a heated tabletop.

Accessories for humidification

The gas (bubble) bobble flask humidifies the 5% CO2 gas mixture before use. The humidified gas is used for conditioning the IVF culture media, and as a gas flow source in connection with oocyte aspiration or embryo transfer.

We have different glass hoods creating an environment of CO2 to the culture dishes helping equilibrate the culture medium.

The air coming through the flow meter in the back wall of the cabinet is not preheated. Use the bobble flask warming block to heat the flask.

Magnetic shelf

The magnetic shelf is for use on the back wall of the cabinet for dishes or disinfectant etc.

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