IVFtech is a company producing advanced equipment for IVF laboratories.

The art and science of human assisted reproduction requiresstrict consideration to the culture conditions and the growth environment of gametes and embryos. Key factors for success rely on providing a steady temperature close to 37°C and secure an atmosphere with the right humidity and CO2 concentration.



IVFtech started at the facilities at Trianglen Fertility Clinic.


We moved the production to bigger premises in Lynge.


Again we had to expand so we moved the company premises to  Farum.


We got our own production plant in Toppevad, Stenløse.



IVFtech’s vision is to create the best possible reliable and quality products. Our company supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, customized products, with the finest first-rate worldwide service.


We want to provide impeccable and trustworthy products and to be recognized as a company of honesty and customer commitment. Be the marked leader of customized products, while using our knowledge to inspire and implement solutions for the future of IVF, today.

We work hard every day to make IVFtech the world’s most respected IVF brand, by leading the way for high quality customized products, with beautiful design and integrity.


IVFtech’s mission is to supply and secure the best, customized solutions for your IVF laboratory and providing a secure atmosphere with reliable temperature, humidity and CO2 equilibrium. To give our customers the best service and quality in everything we do.


At IVFtech we are responsible for our products and customers, our employees and their families. We are responsible for the environment and the society we live in. In carrying out our responsibilities, we have 3 values as our company compass to help us fulfill our obligations.


Family, Quality, Customized

IVFtech is a family run business with 3 generations of the family working and helping to contribute to our success so we appreciate shared values and that all our employees also feel a strong attachment to the family. But more importantly “when YOU buy an IVFtech product you become a part of the IVFtech family”. We know that family values are different all over the world, but the world agrees one this one value “Having children makes a family”.We love being a strong link in the chain or put in other words baby steps of making babies. IVFtech FAMILY is about taking pride in what we do, and we must never lose sight of the joy and fun in our work.
The consumer is our family, and we focus on making our IVFtech FAMILY happy and grow. By inviting our consumers to be a part of our extended family, we know that we inspire them to buy from us again and again. Our strength comes from employees with enthusiasm, high motivation, strong will and true joy.

IVFtech QUALITY is a description we earn and maintain every day by attending carefully to the smallest details. Quality carries through to how we create, produce, perform, how we present ourselves, how we maintain our facilities, and how we rally together as a team to respond to new challenges. Quality products and worldwide services, consistently meets the standards of excellence has always been the foundation of our success.

IVFtech CUSTOMIZED We are doing serious and quality work, but not all customers are the same, this is why we say YES IS MORE, and customize to meet your needs. Our company is dedicated to the highest customized quality in all the work we do. Customized is the uncompromising standard for our actions, and it flows from our passion and our pride in helping you be a part of the IVFtech FAMILY. Customized work, which results from our personal efforts, is the first ingredient of our quality brand and the source of our reputation for high standards.

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