Hamilton Thorne Group

Since 2021 IVFtech has been a member of the American Hamilton Thorne Group together with a number of other companies within the fertility industry.

Hamilton Thorne

Hamilton Thorne Ltd. (HTL) is a public company traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

HTL is a leading global provider of precision instruments, consumables, software and services to the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), research, and cell biology markets.

The group began accelerating its growth by completing the acquisition of the Gynemed & Co GmbH (2017), Planer Ltd. (2019), and IVFtech ApS (2021).

Today, while its primary focus is serving laboratories in the ART field, the products and services are provided to a diverse customer base, from in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics and pharmaceutical companies to animal research facilities and academic establishments worldwide.

Hamilton Thorne

Hamilton Thorne Inc. (HTI) produces precision laser and imaging systems for biological markets. The company focuses on human Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), and the demand for ART has never been higher as reproductive success has continued to decline.

Over thirty years ago, HTI became a leader in the field of animal breeding. The Company then embarked on a mission to bring new technologies to the ART medical market. Since then, HTI has expanded in the fertility industry and has created breakthrough products that support In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) professionals worldwide.

The Company remains committed to bringing industry knowledge and dedication to its full range of ART products and services. HTI believes in collaborating with diverse points of view to create customer-focused products that bring innovations to life.


Gynemed has been dedicated to the development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality medical products for reproductive medicine since 1998.

It has exclusive products meeting the highest standards and demands on quality, presenting the latest scientific developments. Besides the continuously expanding Gynemed media and consumables product lines, additionally, it offers laboratory devices and consumables by renowned brands as an exclusive distributor, including service and maintenance.

As customer service has been and will always be Gynemed’s highest priority, the highly trained sales and technical teams offer competent support, and optimized service is particularly appreciated by its customers.

In addition to the dedicated personnel in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, Gynemed works with an expansive network of committed distributors around the world. Daily contact with its customers enables Gynemed to support clinics in their goal to offer the best medical care possible in the field of assisted reproduction.


Since 1973, Planer has been supplying hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, IVF clinics and the ART fields with hardware, software and systems for the safe preservation, storage, and monitoring of biological specimens such as embryos, blood products and tissue.

Planer works closely with Human IVF, Animal IVF, Transgenic Research and Stem Cell Research sectors to understand their needs and develop and source high-quality, reliable equipment conforming to ISO and Medical Device standards and, where appropriate, assist with compliance, including 21 CFR Pt 11.

Using its years of expertise and experience, Planer develops and manufactures pioneering and innovative products to the highest standards and provides uncompromising service to the UK market and around the world directly and through its distributors and service agents in over 90 countries.

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