Mini Incubator

Operating the airtight mini-incubator is straightforward. The incubator is placed on the flow cabinet and the valve at the back of the incubator is used to connect to the gas-outlet via snap-lock. Four-well dishes or round culture dishes with gametes are placed on the shelves. With the lid loosely closed a gas flow for around 3 minutes will secure the correct atmosphere in the incubator. By closing the lid and releasing the snap-lock the atmosphere will remain constant in the incubator until the lid is opened. The incubator can now be moved to the main incubator, where disturbances in the atmosphere will not be reflected in the mini-incubator.



Culturing at low oxygen tension

By securing  an atmosphere with reduced oxygen tension, the oxygen concentration in the media around the oocytes/embryos is reduced.  A reduced oxygen stress may  possibly improve the embryos  implantation potential.


1. The airtight mini-incubator is placed on top of the heated surface in the flow cabinet and is connected to the gas via the valve on the back.

2. Gas through the box for 3 minutes with the lid loosely closed.

3. After 3 minutes firmly close the lid and remove the gas supply

4. After inspection for fertilization on day 1, put the petridish with the embryos back in the boxmini-incubator, and then gas it for 3 minutes with the lid loosely closed.

5. After 3 minutes firmly close the lid and remove the gas supply. Seal the box by turning the knop.

6. The box is moved to the incubator for the next 24 hours. Step 4 and 5 are repeated on day 2 of culturing period or until embryo transfer is performed.

Product Data


  • All non-toxic aluminium
  • Airtight, but allows equilibration with a desired atmosphere
  • Support three 4-well dishes or three 60 mm round culture dishes
  • Allow inspection of gametes while situated in the incubator shells
  • Sustain autoclaving.

It is an ideal solution for

  • Maintain a constant pH in the medium surrounding the gametes in a busy every day IVF-lab
  • Maintain a constant atmosphere – similar or different to that of the mother incubator
  • Maintain a constant humidity and thereby osmolality of the medium.
  • Reduce the risk of cross patient contamination
  • Maintain temperature close to 37 degrees also during handling.
  • Fast identifi cation of gametes and embryos in the mother incubator limiting the time that the door being open.
  • Minimize exposure of gametes and embryos to light.

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  • IVFtech Class II

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