Benchtop Incubator

Description of the incubator
The FreyGen ALF incubator consists of a metal frame and has four or six chambers that each can hold up to four IVF petri dishes (eight 35mm petri dishes with flat dish insert). Each chamber can be opened and closed using individual lids. Both the chambers and the lids are made of anodized aluminum and the chambers are sealed with a medical grade sealing to ensure optimal protection of the samples. Each lid has a scratch resistant glass cover and a display that shows temperature readouts for the individual chamber.
The gas flows through all the incubator chambers in a closed loop system. The incubator has an internal mixing chamber, an internal pump, and an internal fan. This system ensures an extremely stable and uniform gas distribution throughout all the chambers. The inlet connectors for N2 and CO2 are placed at the back of the incubator. The gas sample ports for test and calibration are placed behind the front cover together with the filter. The incubator uses a high efficiency HEPA & VOC filter that is tested and manufactured according to cGMP and ISO 9001/13485.


FreyGen ALF

2 chamber with premix gas

4 and 6 chamber with gas mixer

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