Anti-vibration Table

Anti-vibration table
The IVFtech anti-vibration tables are designed primarily for ICSI procedures but all tables are designed to meet the requirements for all models of inverted microscopes and can therefore be used for all applications where vibration dampening is crucial.


A lightweight and compact vibration absorption systems allows to significantly reduce unwanted vibrations translated to working environment from environmental noise : People walking, Doors Closing, Outside Traffic, etc.
IVFtech AV significantly absorb vibrations and disturbances for Inverted Microscopes.

Anti-vibration table comes as a passive or active system

 Cat. no. Passive system 44200002

Cat. no. Active system 44200003



  • Shelf underneath

Options for Sterile cabinet back wall:

  • Stainless steel or Himacs®tabel top
  • Flow meter
  • Electrical plugs
  • Monitor outside/inside
  • Preparations for incubator
  • Humidification system
  • Aspiration tunnel
  • IVFtech heated glass Ø45mm
  • UV light

Options table top:

  • Standard heat 450 x 650mm
  • Full heated 450 x 830mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 200mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 400
  • Witness preparation flush
  • Anti-vib
  • IVFtech heated glass Ø45mm
  • Table top integrated incubator

Products to be used with

Products to be used with IVFtech Anti-vibration table

  • Tube Warmer

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