Warming Blocks

Warming blocks are for small and larger test tubes: 14/17 cc or 6 cc, and syringe 10cc and 20cc while used at the temperated tabletop. Warming block for dishes may be used to secure the temperature in the plastic dish while used at the temperated tabletop.

Magnetic Shelf

The magnetic shelf is for use on the back wall of the cabinet for dishes or disinfectant.

Pull-out  Shelf

The pull-out shelf is mounted under the table top of the cabinet.

Accessrories for Humidification

The gas bobble flask humidifies the 5% CO2 gas mixture before use. The humidified gas is used for conditioning the IVF culture media.  and as gas flow source in connection with oocyte aspiration or embryo transfer.

The glass hoods for CO2 flow to the culture dishes which are to be used to equilibrate the culture medium.

Mini Incubator

Operating the airtight mini-incubator is straightforward. The incubator is placed on the flow cabinet and the valve at the back of the incubator is used to connect to the gas-outlet via snap-lock. Four-well dishes or round culture dishes with gametes are placed on the shelves. With the lid loosely closed a gas flow for around 3 minutes will secure the correct atmosphere in the incubator. By closing the lid and releasing the snap-lock the atmosphere will remain constant in the incubator until the lid is opened. The incubator can now be moved to the main incubator, where disturbances in the atmosphere will not be reflected in the mini-incubator.


IVFtech carbon prefilters are used for purifying the air for voc in the lab. Activated carbon works via a process called adsorption, whereby pollutant molecules in the fluid to be treated are trapped inside the pore structure of the carbon substrate.

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